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Belfast & North Down

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Domestic Services

We’ll install garage doors fit to any size of opening on any home.
We are able to offer three main styles…

Roller Doors

A cost effective low maintenance solution that can be fitted behind any opening, giving you maximum clearance and use of your garage entrance. There are no ceiling tracks, cables or springs that need fitted with this door-type, everything is simply pushed up and pulled down. With a plastic coat finish they can be ordered in any colour and are particularly hard-wearing.

Up & Over Doors

This is by far one of the most familiar and common styles of classic panel garage door. These doors are often supplied in standard ribbed flat steel or luxurious timber, available in a range of colours and finishes. They run on ceiling tracks or canopy systems, sliding neatly upwards into the roof.

Insulated Sectional

These styles of door are at the highest end of the product range, offering both security and insulation to the garage space. Sealed all round, they are fully insulated and optimised for practicality and are available in a wide range of designs.

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